Thought Leadership

Conceptual Framework

REDEFINING change in the Diversity, Equity & inclusion realm, means a concerted drive to put innovative ideas into action. Dr. Thomas has proven in her latest research that we can do more! In fact, her work suggests that there are psycho-social factors (e.g. empathy, compassion, etc.) that can impact implicit bias in organizations. For example, as seen in Forbes Magazine  the power of inclusive conversations starts with empathic perspective taking. The Realize Leadership Group framework for training is born out of this groundbreaking research. We are challenging popular misconceptions one client at a time.

“Implicit bias in the workplace is perceived to be happening predominantly to other people, the result of other people’s actions, and while having no lasting impact on those who observe it.” (Thomas, 2019)

Each of us, no matter our roles or responsibilities, can foster a culture of inclusion inside of our workplaces and communities. Reach out if you’re interested in learning more.

Additional Resources

Thomas, C. (2019). Is Empathy the Link? An Exploration of Implicit Racial Bias in the Workplace.

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