Have we gotten more polarized or have we lost sight of how to talk to one another?

As the state of interactions between communities becomes more and more restricted to social media, I wonder if we have lost sight of the problem. Yes, each of us has different views on important issues, sometimes wildly disparate views. Yes, each of us comes from a place of moral certainty about our perspectives. However, we exist in a broader society. That isn’t likely to change. We are interconnected whether we like it or not. So– we are at a crossroads. How do we navigate from here?

I would suggest that we have not gotten more polarized as a society. We have lost sight of how to talk to one another. The solution is in engaging in dialogues across difference. How we go about engaging in those dialogues across difference requires an intentional and deliberate focus. Empathy is one vital element to a fruitful conversation. Research today is exploring where and how empathy can bridge the divide created by our biases. Let’s stop talking at one another and start talking with one another. Join me in changing the conversation.

Dr. Carla Thomas is a scholar-practitioner and President of The Realize Leadership Group. If you are interested in learning more about this and other areas of her work, please contact her here.

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